Monday, September 21, 2009

Thing 8 : RSS Feeds and Newsreaders

I seemed to waste alot of time with these tasks. For starters the listed resources aren't linked. Then the first of them, the CNET Video, didn't work, and the third of them, Using Bloglines Tutorial, doesn't seem to exist any more. 'Feed me' was useful though. It was good to have RSS feeds and newsreaders demystified. I created a Bloglines account, and subscribed to a number of newsfeeds,including one of the 23 Things blogs. I also subscribed to a newsfeed to come to my email...just to test how this works. I suspect it would be quicker and easier to get my feeds in my email rather than having to login to the Bloglines account...however I think I need to play round with all of this a bit more.

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